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The BAER Imagery Support Program hosts a web-based training every spring. This training is open to all USDA Forest Service and Department of Interior employees who want to gain a greater understanding of the BAER Imagery Support program, how to request imagery support, and how to apply the data products the program provides. The training consists of an overview of the program and the analysis methods it employs. It includes an instructor-led GIS demonstration of BARC adjustment to field observations. Sample data and instructions for three GIS exercises are provided. The training is generally 3-4 hours in length and includes both an overview presentation as well as hands-on exercises. A recording of the most recent training can be found at the link below: 

View a recording of the 2018 webinar

Computer Requirements and Expectations: During the GIS portion of the training, participants will use their own computer to complete hands-on GIS exercises designed specifically for use with burn severity products produced by the BAER Imagery Support Program. The exercises and associated spatial datasets can be downloaded using the link above. It is expected that participants have introductory-level experience using ArcGIS software and navigating in a Windows environment. All GIS exercises are written for ArcGIS version 10.x. You will need the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension, Google Earth, and decompression software to unzip the training data.

Disclaimer: These materials are provided to the user community AS-IS with no guarantee to the currency of materials and their compatibility with all software programs. Additionally, the government is not endorsing the use of any specific software programs that are referenced in these materials.

The BAER Imagery Support Program aligns very closely with two other Forest Service post-fire mapping programs. These other programs are : 

    1. Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS, - MTBS is a collaborative program between the USDA Forest Service and the Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. MTBS produces a comprehensive database of all large (>= 500 acres in the eastern U.S. and >= 1,000 acres in the western U.S.) fires dating back to 1984. The website offers an interactive way to find, filter and sort fire information by state. 

    2. Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition After Wildfire (RAVG, link) - RAVG is a Forest Service program designed to assist silviculturists and land managers with performing revegetation and land restoration following fire events on Forest Service lands.


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