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National Datasets

Annual raster mosaics and combined perimeter shapefiles are available as map services and downloads for recent years. There are three thematic burn severity products (raster datasets) for each year: 7-class percent change in basal area (BA-7), 5-class percent change in canopy cover (CC-5), and 4-class composite burn index (CBI-4). The vector datasets include the perimeters of each fire as mapped for the RAVG program. The fire name, ID, and size (acres) are included as attributes in the perimeter dataset. The assessment type (initial or extended) is included in the downloadable version.

Note: Annual national datasets are typically prepared soon after the end of the year. Data for any fires that were processed as extended assessments are added after the following growing season. Raster and vector datasets are updated separately. If they appear to be out of sync, please check back in a few days or send an email message to

Raster Data Extraction Tool

Custom AGOL application allowing extraction of RAVG thematic data from national mosaics by predefined areas (e.g., State or National Forest) or user-drawn polygon.



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