The Tactical Fire Remote Sensing Advisory Committee (TFRSAC) is composed of fire management practitioners, remote sensing scientists, GIS specialists, and industry and university affiliates to formulate a tactical fire information gap analysis and prioritize development and transfer technologies related to those gaps. The TFRSAC was formed under the auspices of the Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP). The WRAP is a collaborative partnership between NASA and the US Forest Service to facilitate and demonstrate evolved and evolving technologies for increasing the information content and timeliness of earth resource data collected for wildfires, including:

  • develop and demonstrate improved airborne platform capabilities (manned and UAS)
  • demonstrate new sensor capabilities for enhanced fire discrimination
  • demonstrate new data telemetry capabilities for real-time data distribution
  • develop and demonstrate a Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) capabilities to effect improvements to tactical fire decision support systems.
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The TFRSAC meets twice each year (Spring and Fall) to discuss the developments and results of ongoing investigations for new and evolving capabilities that support improved fire observation. Presentations for recent TFRSAC meetings are provided below.

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